BC Landfill
Serving the Residents of Benton County, Iowa
The Benton County Solid Waste Disposal Commission

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BC Landfill
The Benton County Solid Waste Disposal Commission

Executive Committee

Chairman: Loras Schulte Co-Chair: Bryce Brecht Treasurer: Jennifer Zahradnik Secretary: Brian McNulty

City Commissioners

Atkins: Bruce Visser Belle Plaine: Dave Fish Blairstown: Brian McNulty Garrison: Doug Kearns Keystone: Erin Janss Luzerne Mt Auburn: Patricia Rausch Newhall: Doug Rinderknecht Norway: Loras Schulte Shellsburg: Nancy Thorkildson Urbana: Gary Benson Van Horne: Jared Vogeler Vinton: Walford: Bill Voss

Landfill Support Staff

Manager: Eric Werner Engineers: HLW Doug Luzbetak Attorney: Mark Hudson ECICOG: Alicia Presto Auditors: Rolland & Dieleman

Rural Commissioners

Supervisor: Tracy Seeman At Large: Jennifer Zahradnik At Large: Terry Hertle Township: Amy Boddicker Township: Nancy Jensen Township: Denise Schwab Township: Bryce Brecht