Serving Benton Co, IA

Virtual Trip to the Convenience Center

Why Did We Create a Customer Convenience Center To make the trip Quicker for Parents who are short-on-time. To make it Easier for our Seniors to use the landfill. To help Everyone at the Landfill stay Safer.
Customer Convenience Center
BC Landfill
The Benton County Solid Waste Disposal Commission

Previous Audits

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Executive Committee

Chairman: John Watson Co-Chair: Loras Schulte Treasurer: Jennifer Zahradnik Secretary: Tim Yoder

City Commissioners

Atkins: Belle Plaine: Dave Fish Blairstown: Brian McNulty Garrison: Doug Kearns Keystone: Mike Seeck Luzerne Mt Auburn: Patricia Rausch Newhall: Doug Rinderknecht Norway: Loras Schulte Shellsburg: Urbana: Gary Benson Van Horne: Jared Vogeler Vinton: John Watson

Supporting Staff

Landfill Mgr: Eric Werner HLW Eng.: Doug Luzbetak Legal Rep.: Mark Hudson ECICOG: Jennifer Fencl

Rural Commissioners

Supervisor: Gary Bierschenk At Large: Jennifer Zahradnik At Large: Tracy Seeman Township: Bryce Brecht Township: Nancy Jensen Township: Denise Schwab Township: Diane Schmuecker